CMSThe Comparative Media Studies Program (CMS) at MIT is an international center for the study of media technologies, exploring the cultural, social, political, ethical, legal and economic impact of digital technologies and their analog forbearers. The program includes both graduate and undergraduate courses of study at MIT, and it maintains exchange programs with Harvard and the Sloan School of Management. Students are encouraged to develop a broad understanding of key issues surrounding media change which cut across different national borders and delivery techniques; they are also encouraged to develop an in-depth understanding of multiple media traditions, old and new. In this way, the program manages to provide coherence while being uniquely shaped to fit the needs of each student. CMS students are trained to become leaders in a diverse range of emerging fields, drawing upon a philosophy of applied humanities to tackle real-world problems.

CMS faculty are widely recognized for their leadership in developing both archival and instructional interactive projects, creating new models for thinking about, producing, and using digital media. C3 draws on the expertise across the CMS program to help its research and corporate partners to better understand the shifting models of media production, circulation and consumption that shape their day-to-day business operations. Membership in the Convergence Culture Consortium provides access to the 'salon' culture of CMS, encouraging intellectual exchange between business, industry and the academy. The result are projects and fields of investigation providing material benefit to academe, industry, and government alike.

For further information, see the CMS website.