A Word from Peppercomm

Published: November 1, 2012

Futures of Entertainment 6 focuses on how taking an audience-centered approach can transform the ways in which media producers and companies serve those whom they seek to engage–from putting listening and empathy at the heart of your strategy, to understanding how audiences curate and circulate content, to the need to put strategy before hype as new platforms and technologies come along.

Over the past couple of years, Peppercomm has taken a similar approach–refocusing the way we think by putting listening and empathy at the center of our philosophy. We have worked to advocate to our clients the importance of aligning with their audience’s wants and needs. And, through initiatives like our Innovation Mill, we have put focus on being attuned to emerging patterns in the culture around us.

Above all else, this annual conference and the ideas coming out of the community that gathers around it has inspired the way we think at Peppercomm. Because of that, we are honored to be the lead sponsor of this year’s event.

Check out more about it on Program’s page.

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