Producing Transmedia Experiences: Participation & Play

Producing Transmedia Experiences: Participation & Play

The transmedia experience seems to be born out of  artistry, methodology and sometimes plain luck; the process though, is still somewhat mysterious. Do you have any questions about it?    Go to the comments section to give us your suggestions and vote up your favorites! (BTW, you can log right in with your Twitter account)

Producing Transmedia Experiences: Participation & Play

Saturday, November 21 – E51-345 (Tang Center – 3rd Floor)

11:15 AM – 1:15 PM

While much of the discussion around transmedia tends to focus on the idea of non-linear storytelling, this panel will explore the idea that transmedia experiences — narrative-driven and otherwise — are also characterized by a high degree of audience participation, decision-making and collaboration.  As users engage with transmedia narratives, worlds and experiences across multiple platforms and spaces, participants make a series of personal choices that shape and define their experience and understanding of “the whole.”


If we assume that transmedia experiences introduce new opportunities for the audience to participate, what are the new opportunities and challenges for the creators and owners of these transmedia properties?  One of the most overt forms of transmedia storytelling, the Alternate Reality Game (ARG), often makes participation a central and defining aspect of transmedia experiences, and creates opportunities to engage participants in play, performance and game-like systems.  How can these interactive and participatory experiences be planned for?  What is their function in the larger transmedia experience, and how do we understand the relative roles of the “author” and the “audience” in creating transmedia experiences?

Moderator: Ivan Askwith – Director of Strategy, Big Spaceship

Panelists include: Frank RoseWired contributor and author of Welcome to the Hyperdrome (W. W. Norton, forthcoming); Jordan Weisman – CEO and Founder, Smith & Tinker; Louisa Stein – San Diego State University; Mia Consalvo – MIT; Ken EklundWriterguy, World Without Oil

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