Free? Contemporary Media Business Models

Free? Contemporary Media Business Models

Whether it’s “freemium”, tip-jar, VOD everybody is trying to figure out what the next business model should be? How do you think this issue should be approached?  Go to the comments section to give us your suggestions and vote up your favorites! (BTW, you can log right in with your Twitter account)

Free? Contemporary Media Business Models

Saturday, November 21 – E51-345 (Tang Center – 3rd Floor)

4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

While the industry discussion has meandered from questions surrounding the validity of the ‘Long Tail’ to a debate about the notion of “free” and the generation of value itself – viable business models have begun to emerge. In these models, fan communities continue to figure prominently, as do monetized value networks and innovative advertising exchanges. Questions remain: How are these models different for the artist, band, brand, media text or transmedia property (print, film, tv, music, etc.)? How are meaningful relationships forged in an online culture that values non-monetary exchanges? How do these relationships benefit people and how do they benefit brands? How have fan communities responded when companies and brands try to participate in their communities? What is being sold? Content? Access? Authenticity? Notions of community itself? And how are fans and audiences being engaged to conceive of, launch, and contribute to the growth of these new business models?

Moderator: Nancy Baym- University of Kansas

Panelists include: Lara Lee – Principal, Jump Associates; Mark Zagorski – Chief Revenue Officer, eXelate Media; Seth Arenstein – Editorial Director/Assistant Vice President, Cable Fax; Paul Dalen – Owner, Reverse Thread


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