Help Us Build FOE

Help Us Build FOE

One of the aspects we, at the Convergence Culture Consortium, enjoy the most about FOE is that, not only are our panelists fantastic, so are the conference attendees. The room is always filled with an insightful, participatory and opinionated crowd, and this year, we decided to take advantage of your collective powers before the event.

As many of you know, the conference operates under a talk-show format, so the moderator’s questions  lead the discussion and define the topics that will be addressed. Let’s come up with those questions together.

Over the next few weeks we’ll publish posts with panel descriptions and panelists. At the bottom of each post you’ll see the option to comment– that’s where we’d like you to tell us what you think the most useful/interesting questions would be for each panel. You will also have the option of voting questions up or down (reminiscent of the we’ll be using during the event). In the end, the moderators will have final say over the questions, but your contributions are sure to give us rich material to jump start the discussions.

We’ll start with a couple of panels:

Producing Transmedia Experiences
Changing Audiences, Changing Methodologies

Speak your mind! Help turn FOE into what you want it to be.

UPDATE: More panels to comment on:
Transmedia for Social Change
Unboxing the Medium

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